Summer School – Geometry A

Monday June 26, 2017 = Day 1 of Summer School

=> SLT1 = Geometric terms- definitions – handwritten,  U1SLT1 Foundations of Euclidean Geometry, U1SLT1 Foundations of Euclidean Geometry – Capture Sheet, U1SLT1 Foundations of Euclidean Geometry – Capture Sheet Sample Answers, U1SLT1 What Do You See , U1SLT3 Copying Line Segments and Angles

=>SLT2 => U1SLT2 Geometric Recognition, U1SLT2 Picture This, U1SLT2 Draw a Picture, Below are some animated links that will help you practice the constructions.

How to copy a Line Segment (Construction) =>

How to copy an Angle ( Construction) =>

How to Bisect an Angle =>

How to Construct a Perpendicular Bisector from equidistant endpoints =>

How to Construct a Perpendicular Bisector from point on the line =>

How to Construct a Perpendicular Bisector from point off the line =>

How to Construct Parallel Lines through a point not on the Line

=> (Rhombus Method)

=> (Angle copy method)

Tuesday 6/27/17 = Day 2 of Summer School=> =>U1SLT3 Rhombus Pattern, U1SLT4 Family Reunion, U1SLT4 Family Reunion Sample Answers, U1SLT5 5K Race Map, U1SLT5 5K Race Map Sample Answers, U1SLT6 Railway Map, U1SLT6 Railway Map Sample Answers, U1SLT6 Railway Map, U1SLT6 Street Map Sample Answers, U1SLT7 Transformation Stations to complete capture sheet => U1SLT7 Transformation Classification , U1SLT8 Design Your Own Room Layout,  U1SLT9 Describing Translations, U1SLT10 Introduction to Reflections

Wednesday 6/28/17 = Day 3 of Summer Sch00l=> Warmup Quiz on Constructions (think railway problem). Then quiz on Transformations – U1SLT10 Reflections Practice ,  U1SLT11 Reflect This and answer key => Reflect this – key .  Also, U1SLT11 Reflections in the Coordinate Plane, U1SLT11 Reflection Practice, U1SLT12 Escher Birds and U1SLT13 Exploring Rotations with grids U1SLT13 Coordinate Grid, Escher Birds to Roations of lines – key, Kuta Rotations and answer key => Kuta Rotations-key, U1SLT14 Logo Symmetry

Thursday 6/29/17 = Day 4 of Summer School=>Warmup Quiz on Translations, Reflections, and Rotations, then  U1SLT14 Polygon Symmetry, U1SLT15 Sequence of Rigid Motions ,  U1T2-SLT14-15 – key, U1SLT16 The Human Coordinate Plane with answers => U1SLT16 The Human Coordinate Plane – Directions and Sample Answers, and  U1SLT16 From Here to There ,with answers => U1T2-SLT 15-17 – key , and  U1SLT16 Combination Transformations in the Coordinate Plane and  U1SLT17 A Series of Transformations with answers for both => U1T2 – SLT 16 – SLT 17-key,    U1SLT18 Locate the Fire Station => answer key U1T2- SLT 18 _ Fire Station – key and  U1T2- FA#3 review => answer key => U1T2- FA#3 review-key and SLT 20 => U1SLT20 Overlapping Circles and answer key => SLT 20 construct Hexagon- key,

Friday 6/30/17 =Day 5 of Summer School=> U1SLT21Congruence in Terms of Rigid Motions and answers => U1T3- SLT 21-key,  SLT22 – SLT30, SLT 22 – ConThruSeqRidMotions-key , SLT 22 -Stations Activity- key, SLT 22 – Congruent Triangles-key, SLT 23 – Figure to Figure-key, SLT 23 -Are These Figures Congruent – key, SLT23 – Rigid Motions Congruence – key, SLT23-A Square Rigid Motion – key, SLT 27, SLT 28, SLT 29, SLT 30 

Monday 7/3/17 and Tuesday 7/4/17 => No Summer School = Fourth of July Celebration.

Wednesday 7/5/17 => Day 6 of Summer School => Unit 1 Topic 4 Student Packet for SLT 31 to SLT 35 =>U1T4-Student Packet-SLT 31 – 35

U1SLT31 Special Angle Pairs Practice Sample Answers , U1SLT32 Lines Cut by a Transversal Sample Answers , U1SLT33 Solving for the Measures of Special Angle Pairs Sample Answers 

Thursday 7/6/17 => Day 7 of Summer School =>Unit 1 Topic 4 Student Packet for SLT 36 to SLT 46 => U1T4-Student Packet-SLT 36-46 

Friday 7/7/17=> Day 8 of Summer School =>Finish Unit 1 Topic 4 and start Unit 2 Topic 1

Monday 7/10/17 => Day 9 of Summer School =>Unit 2 => U2T1- SLT1 to SLT 15-key

Tuesday 7/11/17 = > Day 10 of Summer School =>Finish Unit 2 Topic 1 and Start Unit 2 Topic 2

Wednesday 7/12/17 => Day 11 of Summer School => Required Quarterly Assessment (RQA) @ 12 noon.

Thursday 7/13/17 => Day 12 of Summer School => 

Friday 7/14/17 => Day 13 of Summer School => Last Day of Summer School.

The following videos summarize the entire Geometry A course.  If you are looking for a way to review everything, take a look at the videos below.

Review Packet for Exam =>2015-2016 Geometry A Review and answer key =>2015-2016 Geometry A Review Answers.  Check out the videos on this exam review packet =>